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Welcome to the Vital Force Community

Dr. Peter Swanz along with his team of trained health experts are ready to partner with you to reach all your health goals - even the ones you may doubt are possible. We cannot wait to add you to our community of transformed lives!

Getting Started

Step 1 – Decide you want something different for yourself or your loved one.

Step 3 – Schedule a FREE Discovery call with Dr. Swanz.

At times it can feel daunting to imagine what it might take to transform your health, especially when you don't know what's causing your problem in the first place.  Most of our patients come bearing stories of past physicians they liked but couldn't help them feel better.  Every patient has been looking for solutions that will address the underlying causes of their disease and just want to feel better

Dr. Swanz and his team are helping people just like you to reclaim their health and happiness.  At Vital Force Naturopathy the only side effects are happiness, confidence, and reached goals. If this is something you want to learn more about, let's move to Step 2 so you can start to reclaim your unique health and vitality.

It's time to take action and schedule your first conversation with Dr. Swanz. This appointment is FREE.  During your call, Dr. Swanz will learn about you and you will learn what the Vital Force Practice is all about. 

Step 2 – Watch a FREE webinar.

Already know our approach is right for you?  Skip to Step 3!

Dr. Swanz frequently offers free informational webinars. While those are always scheduled and live, here is a recording that you can access right now.  After watching the educational video with Dr. Swanz and learning about our philosophical approach for healing, you can move to Step 3.

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