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Vital Force Naturopathy

Areas of Practice

At Vital Force Naturopathy we are passionate about inspiring and educating patients on the steps required to make beneficial nutritional and lifestyle modifications. This aspect of the practice is vital to the healing process.

As a Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Swanz is uniquely trained to help patients navigate the terrain between the conventional and alternative medicine options. Dr. Peter Swanz uses pure naturopathic medicine and classical homeopathic medicine to successfully support patients of all ages with chronic and acute conditions.

Supplements & Homeopathy

The goal with supplements is to use them to strengthen the body’s foundation and fill in the gaps where there have been deficiencies so that the body can heal holistically. 

Homeopathic Medicine is a philosophy of medicine that uses diluted plant, animal, or mineral remedies to stimulate the Vital Force — the inherent self-healing ability that acts to restore balance in the body. Homeopathy is incredibly safe, including during pregnancy and for infants and children.

Doctor and Patient

Holistic & Hormones

Holistic medicine is a philosophical approach for healing that considers the patient’s entire health picture, including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the individual.

When hormones in the endocrine system are out of balance all other areas are impacted. Therefore we must first understand what is going on in the body and then utilize what is needed to shift the endocrine system back into balance. 

Joint Pain

Inflammation and Pain Relief

Inflammation and Oxidative damage are the consistent factors contributing to all forms of chronic disease today. Like we can with stress, we can optimize the body and lower the total burden of inflammation. 

As we recover our health holistically and lower inflammation systemically, the pain burden in the body decreases. Layering this with other alternative approaches can completely transform and free us from the pain that has been holding us back.

Lifestyle and Coaching

The goal in looking at lifestyle is to replace habits that are not working for us with new habits and practices that encourage better health and more balance in our lives. 

Coaching is often the missing piece when individuals are striving to get healthy. Coaching support throughout the process improves confidence, helps to troubleshoot the road bumps that come up, and helps individuals stay accountable.

Doctor's Desk

“Tell me, 
and I may remember.  

Show me, 
and I will remember.  

Involve me,

and I will understand.”

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Stress and Functional Fitness

We will never live in a completely stress free environment, but we can be intentional about decreasing our stresses. By putting the body in a more optimal state of health, we bounce back more easily from the stresses we experience. 

Functional Fitness is about understanding how you want to use your physical body and performing exercises, movements, or stretches that will better allow you to continue this for the long term. Everyone is capable of improving their functional fitness.

Nutrition and Detox

Whole food nutrition and optimal eating for the individual creates the foundation that allows the body to heal. Dr. Swanz educates and supports his patients and their families as they embrace these changes in their lives.

Detoxing is an approach where one eats clean and allows the liver, kidneys, and digestive tract to filter out and remove waste effectively and intentionally for a period of time while improving the overall function of the body.

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